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Thoughts on Still Life

Martin Brown Mosaics is celebrated for his mosaic, suited for lavish residential

or luxury hospitality projects, his work has seen him complete projects all over the world, a brief look at his website and you will see that his work in restaurants and hotels has taken him to Mexico City, Palm Beach, Denver, Cairo, Baghdad, Cordoba, Cadiz and London, including work with prestigious clients such as Versace, Cartier, Neiman Marcus, Citibank, Luis Miguel, Acapulco. We are privileged at Something Less Boring to have Martin provide wonderful collage workshops on Friday nights via Zoom.


A Few Brief Thoughts on Still Life

I have always loved still lifes as a figurative subject.

I live in Spain and here there is a rich history of still life painting, going back centuries.

There is a well known genre of still life called Bodegones, which roughly translates as store rooms, but typically depicts ordinary objects and food.

The painter Zurbaran is perhaps the most well known are the golden era Spanish artists. His dark and high contrast paints of lemons, jugs and simple objects have an immediate appeal in their realistic representations.

Jumping ahead a few hundred years, we have the 20th century maestro Picasso, taking on still lifes. In fact very big part of his work was dedicated to this theme.

From simple café tops, jugs, bottles, glasses and newpapers, he painted these subjects in multi various styles, amongst them being collage.

Picasso and his friend Braque are widely considered the fathers of collage as an art form and their collaborations produced a lively and fresh approach to the centuries old tradition.

Using scrap paper, wallpaper, colored paper, sandpaper and found objects, their reinterpretations look as fresh and inspiring today as they did when first produced 100 years ago.


If you are keen to put glue to paper and paper to glue, then join us and Martin each Friday at 7pm to create wonderful collages, we have covered subjects as varied as pets and landscapes to rock stars and flowers

Bookable at

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