Images for Remote Art Club and Paint on Zoom
Click on either the Paint Like... or the Remote Art Club PDF below and scroll until you find the correct image, if you need to print it off, you can select the individual page in the print settings.  The image will be on our screen during the session too.

In terms of what you paint, we are'nt expecting or striving for exact replicas, so the images are really for guidance, don't get too hung up on making a carbon copy, please don't shackle your creativity!  

We aim to make the sessions as accessible as possible so in terms of materials, acrylic sessions can be completed with the basic art equipment - primary colour plus black and white, two or three different sized brushes (Small round, medium round and a flat brush would be ideal).  You may paint on a canvas, canvas board or cardboard (best primed by painting white).
Watercolour sessions need a watercolour set or tubes of primary colours and black and white.  The same brush selection and watercolour paper or any thicker paper that will absorb water without breaking up.
For the Paint and Snip Matisse sessions, please have plenty of paper, card or thicker paper for backing, scissors, glue (PVA or Stick) paint - acrylic, watercolour or gouache and a wide brush.

Liddy is happy to guide in different media (within reason!) if you let her know what materials you have before the start of the workshop.

Paint Like Images

Remote Art Club Images

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