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Avoid those sticky situations...

Top Tip Tuesday brings you masking tape removal. If like us you use masking tape to stretch your paper or to attach it to your drawing/painting board then you've probably experienced a few little mishaps when removing the tape?! This video shows you a few tried and tested ways that we remove our masking tape here at SLB HQ!

(This video has no sound)

In the video:

First method: using clean water and a clean paintbrush apply water (with the brush) to the masking tape as you simultaneously pull the tape away from you. Do this slowly the water removes the glue helping to unstick the tape.

Second method: rub the making tape; a little bit of friction helps warm the glue on the tape making it easier to remove.

Third method: using a hairdryer or heat gun gently heat the tape (watch the setting on both don't use either appliance on a really hot setting and don't leave the heat source concentrated in one area for too long as this could burn). Similarly with the rubbing of the tape the glue becomes warm making it easier to peel off. Sometimes the tape will start to curl up making it even easier to remove.

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