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Discover Your Style - Landscapes

 A brand new Discover Your Style course has arrived! Prepare yourself for a unique experience, full of exploration and imagination.

We'll investigate and enjoy diverse media and styles within the course and combined with the varied tasks you will also complete five very different art works of the same landscape. 

Scroll down for an outline of the course week by week.

Ideal for beginners and improvers who would like to expand their range of skills using different media with specific focus on drawing and painting.

Venue: Emberton Pavilion, 31 Hulton Dr, Emberton, Olney MK46 5BS

Starts - Thursday  8th September 7.30pm

You will also receive a small starter kit to allow you to complete any homework assignments and will include a sketchbook

We really hope you’ll join us for the, please feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Price £200

(contact us at info@somethinglessboring.co.uk if you'd like to pay in affordable installments)

Week 1 - Select a landscape & investigate the techniques

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Using and exploring the media and processes that lie ahead in the next five weeks of the course we will create sample and preparatory works.  We'll also select your landscape from your own photographs or you can choose one from our own collection

Week 3 - Acrylic

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Exploring acrylic - Using a range of techniques and processes, including blending, scraffitio, impasto, layering and also exciting use of colour palette to inform your final acrylic landscape painting.

Week 5 - Collage

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Using a wide range of found papers and materials combined with acrylic paint you will build up and develop a collaged landscape.

Week 2 - Watercolour

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Watercolour techniques - both loose and realistic styles will be explored. You will then choose which method you prefer and want to apply to your landscape painting

Week 4 - Mixed Media

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Using a range of fun and exciting drawing media and materials you will create a contemporary and illustrative style landscape this week.  Techniques investigated will be pen & ink, pen & wash, pencil crayon and watercolour

Week 6 - Textiles

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Painting with fabric!  This week we will use exciting textures and clever application to combine and create a wonderfully three dimensional and tactile landscape piece

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